"Simple Music from a Simpler Time."
That’s the image one conjures up after hearing the Appalachian mountain dulcimer. Don and Jackie thought so after hearing its sweet music. They began handcrafting and playing dulcimers in 1980.   
(Yes we are still in business 2024)
The Appalachian mountain dulcimer is a true American instrument dating back to the early 1800s in southwestern Virginia. The Gardners invite you  judge the pleasing sound of this down-home instrument for yourself or give us a call. Please click on the video below for an introduction to our dulcimer.

*Scroll down for information on our Dulci-jo (a banjo-dulcimer).
For information on our handcrafted MINSTREL BANJOS, please click onto our minstrel banjo page. Click below to see Tim Twiss (a top minstrel player) playing our Minstrel Banjo.
NOTE:  This is a 15 year old video and our prices have gone up due to the increase of the cost of materials. 
          Don & Jackie Gardner
               Established 1980
                 Grafton, Ohio