Wow!  My new dulcimer is not only beautiful but is even more than I had hoped for from a sound stand point.  I love the sound so much that I sold my other Famous Maker dulcimer.  
       Frank from Pennsylvania

Thank you!!!!  Received my dulci-jo yesterday. Unpackaged it from the safest, most protective shipping I've had to date.  And beheld the most beautiful instrument I have to date.  I'm a dulcimer player and have 3 quality ones.  And this is another beautiful looking and sounding instrument.  After tuning it, I couldn't put it down, played for over Four hours straight.  And now going to take it to my bluegrass group gathering tonight to show off and share.  Thank you so much for your integrity and quality.  I will be ordering
another dulcimer from you and sharing my experience with others.
        John from Kentucky
I'm Franco and today I have received the minstrel banjo (you made for me)...I can tell you that this banjo is fantastic; it has a powerful, mellow tone that brings back to the nineteenth century...I love the fiberskin head because it looks and sounds very similar to goat skin but it's free about problems from humidity changes; the scroll and the mode that you carved the wood is so beautiful.  Congratulations Don, I hope that your business will increase because your banjo construction skills are great!  Thank you for your efficient and friendly service; if in the future I'd buy a banjo or parlor guitar, I will buy it for sure from you!
     Franco from Italy  
I just wanted to write & thank you for my beautiful instrument!  The craftmanship is remarkable.  Everyone who has seen it says it looks like a work of art.
       Marge from Ohio
My breathtakingly beautiful dulcimer arrived here yesterday and made it through the trip just great!  I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am!!  You really out-did yourselves with such excellent craftsmanship and gorgeous wood.  I will be telling everyone about you.
       Doreen from Idaho

 My new Dulci-jo has arrived and I have not put it down yet, very well made and a voice like an angel.  The people in my bluegrass club will turn green.  I will be doing the North Wales Bluegrass Festival in the summer and will tell everyone where I got it from. 
     Tony from England

My dulcimer has arrived safely.  I am very happy with it!  It is just how I imagined it and hope it would be!  I have played it for a few hours already and made that transition from my old dulcimer much more swiftly than I anticipated. 
I also wanted to thank you for your efficient and friendly service.
      Sabine from Edinburg, Scotland
Congratulations on a job well done.  What you have done with wood would cause the trees to cry for joy.  Your instrument sounds like the dulcimer sounds when I play it in my dreams.
       Ardath from Ohio
I purchased one of your dulcimers last weekend and wanted to tell you how happy I am with it!  The quality and workmanship is outstanding and each time I pick it up, I say to myself what a beautiful instrument!!  I honestly feel like I'm holding a piece of history.  Just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying this.
         Mike from Virginia

My dulcimer arrived in perfect condition.  Very pleased!  Thank you very much.  It is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  Tone is rich.  Such a lovely instrument.
       Susan from Pennsylvania
I am very pleased with my dulcimer.  It is beautiful to look at and beautiful to hear!!  Thank you so much for the prompt delivery.
        Janet from Ohio
I received my dulcimer today and am so glad I purchased it from you.  It is so beautiful.  My friend has 3 dulcimers and is getting another said I did very well getting mine from you.  She is a music teacher and was IMPRESSED!  Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job.  I will enjoy playing and looking at it.         
       Cathy from North Carolina

I received the dulcimer this morning and I'm overwhelmed by the quality and sound of your product.  This dulcimer replaces one my father made 50 some years ago and will get plenty of use.  Thank you very much.
          Kent from Pennsylvania 
It was a great pleasure meeting you.  Your instruments are exquisite;
truly art meant to be played.  I will have fun learning mine.
        Scott from Ohio
Received my dulcimer today.  You did a very good job on it.  I was really pleased.  I'd recommend you highly to anyone looking for a dulcimer.
        Kathy from Indiana
Wanted to let you know my dulcimer had arrived safely.  It has a wonderful voice to it.  Been working on a few tunes and they sound great.  My best to you on a wonderful instrument.
         James from Illinois
Received my dulcimer today and it is everything I had hoped it to be.  Thank
you so much.
         Martin from California
Perfect!!!  That just about sums it up.  My dulcimer came about 30 minutes ago.  I had to quit crying and shaking before I could send this.  I have not seen any dulcimer better looking.  It is just want I wanted and more.  I couldn't be happier.  New friend and customer for life.
          Sue from Kentucky
I got my Dulci-jo today right on schedule.  Got the sweet thing tuned up and cannot tell you how pleased and excited I am to have it.  The sound is beautiful and the instrument itself is just awesome.  I cannot thank you enough.  You have exceeded my hopes and made a dream come true!  Thank you so much.  I will be recommending you to any of my friends interested in getting their own Dulci-jo.
          Karen from Oklahoma
 I picked up my new Dulcimer this morning.  The instrument is beautiful in every way, the appearance, the workmanship, and the finish are great and so is the sound.  I will cherish this Dulcimer for a lifetime and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a new instrument.  Thanks to both of you.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate all your time and help.  I am glad I found your website.  Actually, the first time I looked at the site, I knew this was where I'd get my Dulcimer!
    Jim from Ohio
P.S.  We have instruments in 48 states plus in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Albania, Japan, Australia, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.