The Dulci-jo is a combination of a banjo and a dulcimer.  Since we make both instruments, it was only a matter of time that we combined the two (though we did not invent it).  The Dulci-jo has the old-time sound of a mountain banjo, but is played exactly like a dulcimer.  That banjo sound is great for playing the old tunes of the mountains or for Civil War songs.  The banjo head amplifies the sound making the Dulci-jo louder than a standard dulcimer.  The 5" head is made by Remo of a synthetic material called fiberskyn that never needs adjusting.  The Dulci-jo can be tuned either DAA or DAD.

The Dulci-jo comes in either black walnut or cherry wood on the back and sides. The top is cedar. It measures 37" long, 8" wide, and 2 1/2" deep.  The string length is 27". The sound holes are the standard f-hole design.  The Dulci-jo will fit into our cases.  All of our Dulci-jos are $299.00 each.

*NOTE:  In 2019 our supplier of banjo heads has changed the color from white
                to dark tan to look more like unbleached calfskin.
Listen to the Dulci-jo being played below:
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