• Each dulcimer is handcrafted by Don & Jackie, giving each instrument that down-home look and appeal.
  • All dulcimers are $239.00.
  • All solid woods are used. We use no veneer or plywood.
  • The tops are of booked-matched cedar.
  • The backs are of booked-matched black walnut or cherry.
  • Heads, sides, and fingerboards are made of wood to match the backs.
  • No stain is used, just a durable clear lacquer finish to bring out the natural beauty of wood.
  • We use Quality geared guitar tuners to make it easy to keep the instrument in tune.
  • Frets are made of German Silver, and position dots are located on the fingerboard at the 3,7,10,14, & 17 frets.
  • The fingerboard is bridged at the 3rd & 10th frets with added soundholes underneath the bridges for more volume.
  • 6 ½ fret is put in upon request at NO CHARGE. (The 6 1/2 fret is an added fret giving you a sharp note.)
  • Teardrop Shape is pre-civil war; early 1800's in southwestern Virginia. It has a deep full tone.
  • Hourglass Shape is post civil war; 1870's Ohio River Valley. It has a higher or sharper tone.
  • Artistic Sound Holes in your choice of hearts, crosses, butterflies, F-holes, hummingbirds, leaves, walnuts, and painted flowers.
  • Our dulcimers measure 36" long and 7" wide with a string length of 27". The depth of the sound box is 2". These dimensions give our instruments a full rich tone.
  • The standard height of the strings is 2mm or a little higher than the thickness of a nickel when the nickel is place on top of the 7th fret.  (Anything less could cause a buzz.)
  • All of our Dulcimers and Dulci-jos can be converted for Left-Handed playing at no extra charge.  (Just let us know in the comments section on the order page that you would like your instrument to be Left-Handed)
  • Each dulcimer comes with tuning instructions, a  noter & pick, and a chart to translate music to dulcimer tablature by the number.
  • 2 Strap Buttons can be added for $5.00.
  • Plushed-lined chipboard cases custom-made to fit all our Dulcimers and Dulci-jos are available for $45.00.
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  • Listen to samples of our Dulcimers being played one at a time to hear 2 different songs:
Sample 1 > Download and play MP3

Sample 2 > Download and play MP3